September 5, 2008
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Parking FAQs
Parking on campus has been a hot topic lately.  In fact, Dr. Ransom received several questions about parking prior to last week’s Town Hall meetings and addressed the issue with staff and faculty.  If you missed the Town Halls, here are some frequently asked questions and answers about parking on campus.

Why has the East Parking Garage been so crowded lately?

  • We’re growing! Our faculty population has doubled over the past couple of years and our student population continues to increase.
  • We’ve had lots of new students on campus for orientation. Once the new students settle into their regular schedules, more spaces in the East Garage should be available.
  • Since Lot B was closed for demolition at the former Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas (OMCT) site, more people are using the East Garage.

Why are the gates sometimes up in the East Parking Garage?

  • Parking regulations are enforced from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.
  • The gates are usually left open until 8:30 am to accommodate the volume of traffic without causing a backup into the street.
  • Occasionally the gate arms are up due to maintenance or card reading issues.
  • The East Garage is also occasionally left open to accommodate overflow visitor parking during campus events.

Do the HSC Police give tickets for parking in the garage without a permit?

  • Parking enforcement is up dramatically. However, HSC Police try to keep our campus open and “user friendly” to welcome visitors. 

Where can I park when the East Garage is full?

  • Several lots around campus are reserved for general parking.  For the full list of parking lots, check the HSC Police Web site or this parking map.
  • There are 250 spaces available for general parking in Lot M at Haskell and Mattison Streets.  There are always more than enough open spaces there, and it’s only one bock from campus.

When will the former Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas (OMCT) parking garage at Montgomery and Mattison Streets open?

  • The garage first needs improvements to bring it up to code. It will open when construction of Building A is complete, probably in January 2010. When the garage opens, about 200 more spaces will be available.
More questions about parking?  Visit the parking section of the HSC Police Department Web site. UNTHSC logo

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